Psychoanalytical psychotherapy is an application of psychoanalysis wherein you discuss your current situation within a defined framework. That psychoanalysis would only be interested in your past is not correct, your solutions for today are not to be found in the past. However, a verification will take place how previous experiences and structural tangles and knots manifest themselves in your particular case.

There’s a strong possibility this comes with specific complaints, physical and/or psychic symptoms as hyperventilation, panic- or rage attacks (tantrums), addiction, neurasthenia (burnout), anxiety, phobias, hypochondria, compulsive thoughts (obsessions) and compulsions (OCD), suicidality, delusions, disturbed self-image, depression, etc. Also complications as trauma and grief need to be taken into account.

The starting point is always your current situation, the impasse in which you find yourself now
Treatment also in case of pronounced neurosis, psychosis and autism

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